About Allworld Exhibitions

42fad6c306ac40c4a10ecdc5901df5cd_XLAllworld Exhibitions is an alliance of event organisers dedicated to the organising of high quality trade exhibitions and related services. A market leading portfolio has been built up in events for Food and Hospitality, Processing and Packaging, Oil, ICT and Machinery industries as well as many others. Members of Allworld Exhibitions organise and promote over 100 exhibitions around the Middle East and Asia to a common high standard.

Experience and Expertise

Our organisation can trace its roots back over one hundred years and it is now one of the world’s leading exhibition organisers assisting global exporters to penetrate emerging markets. Allworld Exhibitions started organising events in Asia in 1970 and is now well established in many of the world’s most dynamic markets across China the Middle East, South East Asia and North Asia.

Allworld Exhibitions Results for 2015

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Trusted Partners

igemThe success of Allworld Exhibitions is based on the strong relationships we have built over the decades with partners around the globe. We have built a trusted reputation with many government export agencies and trade associations and our exhibitions are regularly supported with official pavilions from across the globe.

Sustained Growth

The growth of Allworld events over the last few years reflects the rapidly developing markets we serve, most of which form the most dynamic and fastest growing group of emerging nations.

The Future

We will continue to broaden our operations and raise the standard of trade exhibitions, both through organic growth and further partnerships, to provide a professional forum for international trade around the world.

The Foundation Of Our Success

Allworld’s international organising skills, worldwide marketing network, local expertise and knowledge delivers trade shows of the highest international standard with consistently highly qualified visitors.

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